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Opportunity Analysis

Goal, Objectives and Standards

The analysis of the Resources, Market and Stakeholder interests concludes with a clearly stated Goal, supporting Objectives, and improvement Standards. The Goal is the long-term desired result for the river corridor, the Objectives are the specific items necessary to achieve the goal, and the Standards are the qualitative criteria to be considered for all proposed improvements.

The Goal, Objectives and Standards form the basis of the Strategy and will be the benchmark for which all improvement recommendations will be judged against.


“Create a lively riverfront environment that is the centerpiece of the community”


By 2025...
  • Brand: St. Charles will be widely recognized for its exceptional river and riverfront as part of a regional Fox River experience
  • Economy and Land Use: The marketplace will support a package of distinctive, public and private river corridor attractions and complimentary live/work/play/shop/dine/destinations
  • Mobility: People will easily access and circulate along the river and between riverfront destinations using a variety of mobility options
  • Recreation: The marketplace will support a variety of distinctive recreation attractions and complementary activities
  • Culture and Education: People will enjoy the river corridor’s abundant natural and cultural assets, and learn about the community’s rich river-related heritage
  • Environment: Water quality, wildlife passage and native habitat will be enhanced as the river flows through town


  • Sustainable: Consider the environmental, economic and cultural longevity of improvements
  • Multi-dimensional: Improvements will be flexible with high return on investment
  • Healthy: Provide an active, comfortable, clean and safe environment
  • Attractive: Improvements will be engaging, stimulating and clean
  • Distinctive: Differentiate the area from nearby towns
  • Respectful: Respect for resources and stakeholders
  • Barrier-free: Areas will be accessible by all

St. Charles Active
River Project

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About the Project

The goal of the St. Charles Active River Project is to create a lively riverfront environment and experience that is the centerpiece of the community. Your participation and input are important. Contact us to get involved or provide your feedback here